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Grounds Usage and Booking Register
Due to Covid19 you are now required to fill out this form and text booking Danielle on 0428689032 when using the grounds. Please do not use grounds if you or your support person have any Flu like symptoms or are a close contact of someone with COVID19 or being tested for COVID19. Please ensure you have masks and your own hand sanitiser and sanitise your hand before and after leaving grounds. You may have groups of up to 10 people from two households. We will be allowing upto five groups at our grounds at this stage. One group per arena. These groups must stay separate from each other and obey all current Social Distancing Laws. Floats must be parked in groups away from each other and 4m apart. The Club rooms are closed at this stage!
Thank you

Please text Danielle on 0428689032 your Name and Booking Time. Thanks for submitting and Enjoy your Ride!

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