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What to bring to Pony Club:

  • Your horse, well groomed with oiled hooves.

  • Clean saddle and girth

  • Wyena Saddle blanket (Or Preferably navy or white and possibly a spare saddle blanket for the afternoon session)

  • Clean bridle and bit

  • Lead rope & halter

  • Any boots needed for jumping

  • Rugs appropriate for the weather

  • Fly repellent if needed

  • Water bucket

  • Hay net and hay

  • Brushes, Hoof pick, Sweat scrapper and towel etc.


  • Helmet (Approved PCV standard)

  • Jump vest (Recommended but optional)

  • Uniform top with white or beige jodhpurs (Riders trying out Pony Club to wear blue top and white or beige jodhpurs if possible)

  • Riding boots

  • Medical armband (Spare available at Sign in desk)  

  • Grading card (if already a PCV member)

  • Cap

  • Sunscreen & / or Raincoat

  • Drink bottle

  • Lunch  / lunch money



How to help your horse settle in to Pony Club:

Make sure you have everything you need for yourself and your horse, so you are not flustered – a spare lead rope and halter is always a good idea on any outing.


Arrive early (allow extra time so you are not rushed)

Pack and clean all items the night before


If your horse seems calm, you can take him off the float and tie him to the float or put in yard if available:

  • Use a reasonably short length of lead rope, that does not allow the horse to get tangled in the rope, but does allow the horse to reach down to the water bucket.

  • If your horse seems a bit nervous, take him for a walk (Note – do not let him take YOU for a walk!) and talk calmly to him until he settles and can be tied to the float or yard.

  • If your horse is tacked up in a yard, please make sure it is also tied up with a headstall so it doesn’t roll in yard.

  • Ask for help if you need it.

  • Please sign in and submit grading card at club rooms before riding.

  • Remember to Order Lunch if required, in the morning.


Once you have saddled up and WALKED down to the arena ready for gear check, ask other riders not to come too close to your new horse in the first session.


Again, if your horse is nervous, walk him around the arena.


When your instructor is gear checking you and your horse, tell her little about your horse and your experience with THIS horse.


Enjoy your day! 😊

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